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Silicone Band & Screen Protector for Apple Watch

Silicone Band & Screen Protector for Apple Watch

Silicone Band & Screen Protector for Apple Watch

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Why a Silicone Band & Screen Protector?
Our Silicone Band is Comfortable, Durable and unlike any other Apple Watch Band you've had before. The Glass Screen Protector Case snaps onto the Apple Watch Body and Provides Protection to the underlying glass. The Silicone Band and the Glass Screen Protector work together to create the Ultimate Apple Watch Experience.
  • Flexible Silicone
  • Adjustable Slots
  • Assembled In the US
  • Coated Glass Screen Protector
  • Comfortable


Made with Flexible/Comfortable Silicone and Durable Coated Glass.
Finding the Right Size
Finding the right is simple. All you have to do is look on the back of your Apple Watch to find the correct band size. As shown below.



We offer Small--Medium and Medium--Large Sizing for the Band Length.


38mm & 40mm Band is 9 inches in Length.
42mm & 44mm Band is 9.5 inches in Length.
Our Silicone Band and Glass Screen Protector Are Assembled In the United States.
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